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The Premiere Solution For Pipe Repair & System Rehabilitation

With years of cross sector experience and now focusing on the Marine sector, our unique innovative technology has the ability to repair both pressurised piping systems and non-pressurised piping systems using existing access points. We believe we offer the most viable and least disruptive option for pipe repair & rehabilitation. We ensure speed of repair and reduced costs against traditional pipe replacement.

Using market leading ‘Vortex’ technology we offer repair and future proofing for ‘Vortex Coating’, with additional services including ‘Structural Pipe Relining’ and ‘Epoxy Spray Lining’

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Vortex Lining

Reflow’s Vortex coating process is an economical and efficient alternative to traditional pipe system replacement. Our technology restores aged, corroded piping systems.

The Vortex coating product and system is the result of over 7000 research hours dedicated to finding the perfect viscosity, air temperature cure time and delivery systems needed to achieve optimal pipe adherence that provides a longer-lasting piping solution. Once the epoxy coating is applied to the interior of the pipe, it will seal and protect the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the system’s life.

The Reflow vortex coating process is a non-invasive procedure permitting operations to continue preventing displacement, and reduced pipe system downtime.

We first drain the water out of the piping system and then run dry heated air through the pipes to ensure the removal of the moisture in the pipes. An abrasive is then added to clean removing all of the corrosion built up and create an anchor tooth for the epoxy to adhere to.

Once the pipe is fully cleaned we then apply an epoxy coating system to the piping system with filter instrument quality air until the pipe is fully coated creating a barrier coating eliminating future corrosion as per the below process.


1. Purge

Each Pipe section is isolated and connected to our Vortex system

2. Dry

An Air Vortex Is Sent Through The Pipe, Removing All Moisture and loose debris

3. Clean

An Abrasive is Introduced Into the airstream, blasting off all Corrosion to bare metal

4. Coat

A coating is introduced into the Vortex airstream creating a durable coating within the pipe system

Where can the technology be used?

Our Systems have been developed to provide a fast, cost effective solution to extensive Marine problems. We not only have the ability to clean and dry the pipe, but also provide a unique Vortex lining system that coats the internal surface to provide a seamless barrier between the water and the pipe wall allowing systems to be restored in the shortest time possible.

The ability to rehabilitate piping systems without destruction has been revolutionary. The arduous need to close down entire operations for extensive time scales, halt business operations or relocate people as a result of traditional pipe repairs is a problem of the past.

The Reflow Vortex infrastructure repair uses non-invasive, non-destructive technology to repair inside the failing or aged pipe systems, greatly extending their useful lives. This innovative approach has a faster turnaround time and is approximately half cost of alternative, traditional pipe replacements. These pipe rehabilitation solutions can be used on many types of pressurised and non pressurised, closed loop piping systems across all Marine Systems.



Gray Water

Black Water

Seawater Cooling

Steam System

Ballast System

Bilge Water System

Fire Surpression

Why choose Reflow Marine

Rehabilitation of pipes offers many advantages compared to the complete replacement of infrastructure.  ReFlow is the technology leader in applying Vortex epoxy coatings to pipes systems from Potable to Fire Suppression

The ReFlow Vortex epoxy lining solution includes removing existing corrosion in the pipes and applying an epoxy coating without the need to take apart internal structures in-wall pipes. Pipe lining is less expensive than traditional pipe replacement costs. Lining is a non-invasive process, so there is minimal disruption. Reconstruction costs for replacing pipe are as much as 50 percent of direct pipe repair costs and Vortex lining eliminates the need for reconstruction. The  process is effective in pipes from 10mm  up to 300mm (12″) in diameter.

The unique characteristics of the ReFlow  Vortex process make it feasible to line longer lengths of pipe through elbows, tees and unique system constructs to 500m. The epoxy coating process restores flow rates and prevents corrosion which would otherwise lead to pinhole leaks.  We provide peace of mind that comes with preventing future leaks in hard to access areas within walls and ceilings.

Importantly we work with you to design and implement tailored processes to keep you operational and get you back to full systems speedily and cost effectively with the below benefits achieved.


  • 100% approved for drinking water and other

  • All Deposits in pipe removed

  • Creates Barrier between fluids and metal
    protecting from contaminations

  • Polymer Lining allows for simple sterilization in
    cases of bacterial presence

  • Repairs pinhole leaks that cause molding and
    rotting around the leak areas

  • Strengthens systems in durable safe and eco
    friendly manner

Sample cross sector technology Case Studies

Cruise Ship Scupper pipes

A Cruise ship was suffering from leaking scupper pipes (deck drains) which had corroded and were inaccessible in many places due to other service pipes and cabling. Located above false ceiling panels in the busiest restaurant on the ship, which resulted in having to close off large sections each time it rained. Reflow Marine engineers employed a combination of methods including blue line drain liner which is a cured in place pipe liner and Mechanical brush coating with epoxy to repair and secure 100m of 3” upto 5” pipes with many bends, branches and inlets from deck above.

To replace the affected pipes was estimated at 6 weeks which would have had to include shutting down other services to remove pipes and cables to allow access to the drain pipes. We were able to line the pipes in 10 days with a 3 man team and no disruption to other services, all while the ship was at sea.



Black Water Pipes cleaned and relined on Super Yacht

300m of Black water, Ballast and Vent systems successfully cleaned and relined on Super Yacht saving the customer significant costs and time. The systems were cleaned and lined reducing timescale against traditional methods by approximately six months, allowing the owners maximum return on their investment.



Grey Water, Ballast, Vents cleaned and Lined on Super Yacht

200+ metres of Grey water system along with Ballast and Vents cleaned and lined providing the owners with significant savings in both costs and time. The technology allowed the shipyard to continue with additional projects with no disruption their teams timescale.


Cruise Liner Trial - Scupper pipes relined in place

During the refit of a prestigious cruise Liner, Reflow Marine undertook the difficult task of relining scupper pipes in place. Time and cost were again a priority, the works were completed in good time with another significant reduction in both cost & time of traditional methods.


Grade II Listed University Buildings relined

Concerns over poor flow and corrosion within the domestic water & central heating pipework throughout all floors at the residential Graduate Centre required the University to explore options available to them. Previous quotations using traditional methods resulted in the University being instructed that the ‘listed’ building would need to be closed for a period of 12 months to complete the required works. As the facility is revenue generating and a place of study during term time and beyond, alternative technologies were explored and Reflow Marine were engaged to utilise new technologies and processes to resolve the issue speedily and with significant cost savings.


Drain lining for the University Institute for Aerospace Studies

This liner cured to form a new, seamless pipe-within-a-pipe, covering all breaches in pipe. The work was completed in the summer, so no students or professors were disturbed.


Scuppers, Potable water & Vents systems cleaned and Lined on Super Yacht

230+ metres of Scupper system along with Potable Water and Vent systems cleaned and lined. Employing Reflow Marine Vortex technology allowed the Yacht to continue with undisrupted works to other areas of the yacht, meet the target date for the owners to maximise their time onboard along with delivering significant savings in both costs and time.


Potable Water Pipes in Multi-Million Euro Super yacht Relined

Highly skilled technicians were able to solve this problem for the customer without causing any damage to the yacht. Firstly the team inspected the condition of the corroded pipes and assessed the nature of the problem. Borescope pictures revealed areas of the pipe with severe corrosion and significantly reduced diameters as a result.


International Airport: Drain Main Rehabilitation

A general contractor was building a new airline terminal for the airport and was instructed to renovate the drain main back to its original condition. This main line is located several feet below slab, beneath the airlines’ operations offices. The contractor did not want a re-pipe or any excavation.


Chevron: Underground Cooling System Rehabilitation

Awarded this job because we presented the only non-destructive solution to rehabilitate the pipes. Our patented system was installed without causing any destruction or disruption.


Shopping Mall: Grease Line Rehabilitation

Although part of the horizontal pipe line goes through a two-feet-thick concrete wall, utilised several existing access points to clean and line the grease line without any destruction.


Water Zone Closure at Wildlife Park prevented

Management at the wildlife park did not want to cause disruption to the water zone. Our structural liner was installed inside the pierced pipe using a patented Pull-in-Place technology.


Theme Park's drain issues rehabilitated Within Two Days

Technicians used the patented system to rehabilitate the recycled water pipe system without causing any disruption to normal park operations.


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